Royalty Free Stock Americana Clipart by JVPD

  1. Rosie the Riveter Facing Left with Text Space
  2. Rosie the Riveter Facing Right
  3. Rosie the Riveter Without Text
  4. Flexing Rosie the Riveter
  5. Caucasian Uncle Sam Dressed in Blue and White, Pointing Outwards on a US Navy Recruiting Poster
  6. Tough Caucasian Woman in a Bandana, Flexing Her Bicep
  7. Abraham Lincoln Raising the American Flag
  8. Betsy Ross Sewing the Flag
  9. Grayscale Boys and Girls! Help Uncle Sam Win the War by Saving Your Quarters
  10. World Peace with Liberty and Prosperity 1919 - Happy New Year - Uncle Sam
  11. First Call I Need You in the Navy This Minute Uncle Sam Pointing
  12. Uncle Sam I Am Telling You to Enlist
  13. Uncle Sam - I Want You for US Army Vintage Design
  14. Scene of Uncle Sam Lecturing Children in School
  15. Sketched Uncle Sams, Fat and Thin
  16. Chinese Soldier with Uncle Sam
  17. Lady Liberty Writing Information on the Dakota Area
  18. General Ulysses S Grant in Front of an American Flag
  19. Welcome Comrade-at-Arms! - Uncle Sam